Sustainability is the new business model

‘How Sustainability is Reinventing the Business Model’

There is a group of trailblazing companies that is rewriting conventional business thinking to overcome the challenge of sustainability. These companies view sustainability not as altruism, not as ‘do less bad’, but as an arrow in their competitive strategy quivers.

Lees hier het volledige artikel van Eric Lowitt, Juli 2012.


‘Why CSR is not enough to create a sustainable world’

It’s time to reinvent CSR. In fact, it’s time to reinvent business strategy. In the last two years, companies have been transforming. Now, recession is being replaced by reinvention. The shapes have been unclear. But today the fog is lifting and a new shape is beginning to emerge.

The new shape has a name. It is sustainable business. A sustainable business acts to achieve short, medium and long term success. Sustainable means successful today and tomorrow.

Lees hier het volledige artikel van Jo Confino en John Drummond in The Guardian, 26 April 2010.