Practical implementation

‘Translating ESG into sustainable business value’

Key insights for companies and investors: Report from an international workshop series of the WBCSD and UNEP FI, March 2010.

This document outlines the findings and key insights of a series of global workshops between business, investors and stakeholders about the environmental, social and governance (ESG) and sustainability aspects of company performance evaluation. These workshops build on the learnings of the WBCSD, UNEP FI and key stakeholders from their work on ESG and sustainability reporting and disclosure, and responsible investment through the years.

Lees hier het volledige rapport van WBCSD en UNEP FI, 2010.


‘CSR business models and change trajectories in the retail industry’

‘CSR’ – the acronym that is normally elaborated as ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ - is considered by many to be the future of all organisations in general and the retail industry in specific (Van Mil, 2007). [....]

A generic business model describes how the components of the firm’s strategy address the creation of competitive advantage. A specific CSR business model, consequently, should describe how the relevant components of a firm CSR strategy are aligned both internally and externally and what this implies for the competitive position of the company.

Lees hier het volledige rapport van Lei Wageningen UR en Erasmus Universiteit, 2009.  Aanbevolen pagina’s: 25 – 40.